Salman launches an app for a promotions of Jai Ho!

Salman launches an app for a promotions of Jai Ho!


What could be a improved approach to foster a film than to launch an app that everybody could use? Salman Khan did a same for Jai Ho by collaborating with Hungama to emanate a ‘Hungama Jai Ho Friends-of-Friends song app’. This is going to be an app for song and will be like a height for song lovers.

“Jai Ho’ is about ordering Indians opposite amicable injustice… It allows friends and communities opposite a creation to bond with any other by their adore for song and I’m looking brazen to a response to a initiative” was what Salman Khan said, articulate about a app.

One some-more engaging thing about a app is that one chairman can share it with 3 some-more friends and thereby can build a kind of sequence for it, a same judgment of assisting out 3 other people that is used in a movie.

If you’d like to relief a app all we have to do is give a missed call 09223138888 or SMS Hungama to 54646 and you’ll shortly get a couple that can give we entrance to a app.

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