Saif Ali Khan in trouble, nonetheless again

Saif Ali Khan in trouble, nonetheless again


Saif Ali Khan in trouble, nonetheless again. Yes we listened that right. Pratap Sarnaik, a Member of a Legislative Assembly, Thane, has brought to a notice of a President of India, Pranab Mukherjee, that some of Bollywood’s bigwigs are scheduled to fly to America between 23 and 27 April, for an endowment uncover that is coinciding with a Lok Sabha elections. The MLA has serve asked to take movement opposite such actors.

Sarnaik said, “The awards night is being hosted in America between 23 and 27 April. These dates coincide with a Lok Sabha elections. I’m told some of a biggest actors and eminent technicians are withdrawal a nation in this period. There are people like Saif Ali Khan and others, who have been conferred with a Padma awards, in this group. How then, can such persons leave, but bothering to expel their vote? Actors are open total who should lead by example. If they themselves do not practice their franchise, they are bad purpose models. Such insane poise should be condemned.”

He serve added, “The choosing dates were announced with plenty notice. Ideally, a organisers should have altered their awards uncover dates. Or else, a stars who are behaving and receiving awards should have tender on a organisers a need to change a date; they should have insisted they wish to be in India on choosing day to expel their votes.”

Sarnaik stated, “This is such a critical emanate that a passports of those withdrawal a nation for their possess financial benefit but casting their vote, should be impounded.”

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