Rekha in and Sridevi out of Fitoor?

Rekha in and Sridevi out of Fitoor?


We’ve reported that Abhishek Kapoor motionless to make bollywood’s chronicle of Great Expectations with Aditya Roy Kapoor in a lead role. Ever given it has been motionless that Fitoor is going to be made, there has been this outrageous discuss about who would be personification a purpose of a famous ‘Miss Havisham’.

Initially Sridevi was deliberate for a purpose though apparently she did not wish to be a partial of a impression so disastrous that she deserted it. Now, we hear that Rekha has given a curtsy to play a cold encourage purpose of Miss Havisham and some reports contend that she has left on and sealed a dotted line as she favourite a purpose that much. And as a matter of fact, we consider that Rekha fits into a purpose perfectly…even improved than Sridevi maybe as it is in a unequivocally weird way, identical to her genuine life character.

After a good effort, a roles of Pip and Miss Havisham have been finalised.., now a spin for a executive to find a wise Estella for his Fitoor. We wish that they find a right Estella shortly and a sharpened afterwards begins..because we unequivocally wish to watch this one..!

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