Ranbir Kapoor vows to make Indian football group go international!

Ranbir Kapoor vows to make Indian football group go international!


Everyone would like to possess cricket teams in India though usually someone like Ranbir Kapoor (or Abhishek Bachchan or John Abraham) would indeed go brazen and buy stakes in a football team. Because he owns a football team, a Mumbai city football bar that is a partial of a Indian super joining football contest and vows to make Indian football go international.

So because is it that he chose football and not cricket? “ It’s a good thing, and each competition should be speedy in a country. Cricket is a initial love, though that doesn’t meant we should not give kabaddi or football a platform.More than anything, we are giving opportunities to a girl to turn a football actor or kabaddi actor and not indispensably a cricketer.”

And this is what a Kapoor kid pronounced about creation Indian football big, “It’s about a peculiarity of a diversion and how good Star Sports markets a game. All a people who are concerned – like IMG Reliance, Hero, authorization owners and everyone, wants to put their best feet brazen and emanate a joining that is enchanting and interesting and has peculiarity football. Hopefully we can have a possess Indian football group that can play in a World Cup.”

Someday, let’s wish that it does indeed happen! And only in box we didn’t know, a ISL football contest was won by a Jaipur Pink Panthers that is owned by Abhishek Bachchan final Sunday…

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