‘Mumbai Saga’ is going to be another Sanjay Gupta character Gangster movie!

‘Mumbai Saga’ is going to be another Sanjay Gupta character Gangster movie!


No one has told mafiosi stories as beautifully as Sanjay Gupta did with his Shootout during Lokhandwala and Shootout during Wadala. Now, he’s all set to come adult with one some-more of those fascinating and relocating mafiosi stories, ‘Mumbai Saga’.

John Abraham will be personification a lead in Mumbai Saga as good though this time it is going to be a tad bit opposite from a purpose that he formerly played. He’s going to be personification a purpose of a unfeeling businessman who dreams large and as a outcome enters a universe of gangsters and politics to get him and his dear hermit out of poverty.

And but realizing it, he turns into a large time mafiosi who manners a dim underworld of drugs and mafia and becomes a arrange of tie between a supervision and a underworld. Manoj Bajpayee and Anil Kapoor will also be personification some unequivocally essential roles in Mumbai Saga. Anil Kapoor’s impression it is said, will be desirous by that of Bal Thackerey.

Although a storyline doesn’t demeanour like a totally new, it really excites us that Sanjay Gupta is going to be directing Mumbai Saga and we can’t wait for it to strike a theatres.

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