Meet Mishti, Subhash Ghai’s puzzling lady of Kaanchi

Meet Mishti, Subhash Ghai’s puzzling lady of Kaanchi


We’ve always famous how Subhash Ghai is intensely picky of his heading ladies, and for Kaanchi, his arriving film, after auditioning scarcely 400 girls, he has zeroed in on Mishti as a ideal girl. And nonetheless a media did conduct to get a few clicks of this new girl, all about her still stays to be a poser as Subhash Ghai refuses to divulge anything. We consternation since he is being so sly and what is so special about this lady that he picked her among 400 others for Kaanchi.

Remember how Subhash Ghai was always really nauseating about a minute M and done certain that all a heroines of his films had their characters named with M as a starting letter? We consider that one reason that he chose Mishti could be since she has a name that starts with M. He’s apparently going to name her such that it starts with M once again as per a sources.

Looking during her pictures, we know for certain that she is no typical girl. Mishti’s really pleasing with a really special attract to her nonetheless we contingency contend that she is a small too chubby for bollywood standards. For now, we have got usually these cinema and for some-more on her, looks like we will have wait until a recover of Kaanchi.

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