Mallika Sherawat requisitioned for scornful a tricolor!

Mallika Sherawat requisitioned for scornful a tricolor!


We knew it was entrance when we saw Mallika Sherawat wrapped a tricolor on her physique in a posters of Dirty Politics and here it is! A box has usually been requisitioned on a lady for scornful a inhabitant flag. It was in Hyderabad that a integrate of adults requisitioned a box opposite her underneath a Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971.

The postulant presumably did not like a ‘obscene use of Indian flag’ and how a button of a nation was used for inexpensive broadside and hence wants movement taken opposite Mallika Sherawat on that.

Sometimes it creates me consternation if Mallika Sherawat does things like this usually to squeeze attention, usually so that their film gets some kind of publicity..! Why else would someone do something like that when wearing a dwindle as a wardrobe has already been objected by so many people in a past?

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