Mahesh Bhatt and Sunil Grover apologize for Saifai Mahotsav

Mahesh Bhatt and Sunil Grover apologize for Saifai Mahotsav


The Saifai Mahotsav that is being hold in UP by a cheif apportion Akhilesh Yadav has been causing a lot of people to critique for a reason that a celebrities were all dancing divided with no shortcoming as a Muzaffarnagar demonstration victims victims froze to death. While Madhuri Dixit, Salman Khan and some other stars did not bewail behaving during a Saifai Mahotsav, and have upheld themselves, Mahesh Bhatt and Sunil Grover were dual actors who came out and apologized for behaving there.

Alia Bhatt was one of a participants during Saifai and hence, Mahesh Bhatt talked about how he is sentimental about his daughter’s opening during a eventuality on twitter. This is what Mahesh tweeted, “I explain to be really socio-politically conscious. we should have stopped her.” He combined observant that, “She told me where she was going. But it did not cranky my mind that she is going to a state where a tragedy is still unresolved. But we contingency acknowledge a dignified shortcoming was of a Chief Minister to expect a backlash.”

Sunil Grover, who was one of a performers during a eventuality also apologized observant that he did not comprehend that what he was doing wasn’t right. “I never dreamt there would be so most criticism. While similar to seem on stage, a other factors did not cranky my mind during all. Hum toh artist hain…jahaan bulayen sound chalen jaayen, Lekin humein sochna chahiye tha” was what he said.

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