Madhuri and her mom to sing together for Gulaab Gang!

Madhuri and her mom to sing together for Gulaab Gang!


Are we vehement that Madhuri Dixit, a lady who’s usually been famous for her dance all these days is going to spin thespian for a really initial time with Gulaab Gang? Here’s one some-more good news for you, Madhuri’s mom will also be singing for a strain in Gulaab Gang.

Although it is not widely known, Madhuri’s mom is a really good exemplary thespian and has been lerned in a art. In fact, it was due to her that Madhuri showed such a outrageous volume of seductiveness towards art right from her childhood. So now, we’ll not only be listening to Madhuri’s voice yet also her mother’s for Gulaab Gang. Both of them yet will be singing for dual wholly opposite songs so they can’t be singing together.

Here’s what a source tighten to a Dixit family has got to contend about a whole thing, “The strain in doubt is ‘Rangi Sari Gulabi Chunariya’ that is a really famous ‘dadra’. Not many are wakeful that Dixit family has boasted of some really good exemplary credentials and Madhuri’s mom was lerned as good in exemplary music. She was a one who had desirous Madhuri to pursue art, regardless of a format, and hence when a event came her approach to sing in Gulaab Gang, it was an unpretentious motionless that a mother-daughter ‘jodi’ would come together for this one.”

And Madhuri who is all vehement to work with her mom talks about how she desirous her right from her childhood to learn and master dance saying, “I owe it to my mother. When she was young, she could sing yet was not authorised to dance due to a approved credentials of her family. She was a one who was certain that if she had a daughter, she would concede her to do what she wished. A lot of artistic traits in me are a ones that have been upheld off by her. Now with her singing a bit as well, we feel so content.”

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