Kissing scenes in 2 States becomes a boundary of jokes on Twitter

Kissing scenes in 2 States becomes a boundary of jokes on Twitter


The kissing scenes in 2 States, a film formed on Chetan Bhagat’s best offered book, has garnered most talks and grabbed many eyeballs. But theory who’s a latest to be articulate about it?

Well, a author of a book 2 States, Chetan Bhagat recently found himself in a tough mark after his toddler quizzed him about Arjun Kapoor-Alia Bhatt’s kissing stage in 2 States.

Chetan Bhagat recently posted on Twitter, “Dad, because are we kissing mom so most in a 2 States film ads? #wheretohide #whattosay” and he also added, “Sab tumhari (Alia) galti hai.” Alia Bhatt in respond posted, “We’re following a book sir.” Continuing a humorous tweet, Bhagat replied, “Wah, so innocent! Kuch zyaada hi dil se kar rahe ho. Likhe hum, karo tum…wah wah…kya insaaf hai.”

The film 2 States is scheduled to recover on Apr 18.

Meanwhile, a chemistry common between Alia and Arjun is sizzling prohibited and has hence lifted brows about a attribute they share off screen. While a twin have always denied carrying an affair, Alia actions pronounce otherwise.

The immature singer recently posted a selfie of a twin that saw a pleasing comfort turn between a two.

She posted a pic saying, “Trying to take a selfie during Arjun’s talk ! #2states #18thApril.”


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