Kangana Ranaut reveals her purpose in Revolver Rani

Kangana Ranaut reveals her purpose in Revolver Rani


After a super success of Queen, Kangana Ranaut is all geared adult for her subsequent flick, Revolver Rani, an surprising adore story set opposite a backdrop of politics.

Talking about a movie, Kangana said: “This is indeed a impression of a highly-strung and a lady who we are going to see and a film that we are going to see is really sparkling usually like Ved Prakash Sharma’s novels that we find on railway stations. That’s a kind of diagnosis a film is carrying.”

“It’s really exciting. Its sum pulp. The lady is negative, heartless and really exciting,” combined a star of latest strike “Queen”.

While “Revolver Rani” is set to strike theaters on Apr 25, a promotions of a film haven’t nonetheless started. Kngana says, this decidion was done consciously.

“We have consciously motionless that a film like ‘Revolver Rani’ that is being done on tiny scale doesn’t need a graduation of 8 weeks. we consider it’s been a unwavering preference to foster a film in dual to 3 weeks only,” pronounced Kangana.

The comedy drama, destined and created by Sai Kabir, also stars Vir Das and Piyush Mishra.

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