Jacqueline Fernandez kicked out of ‘Roy’ since of ‘Kick’?

Jacqueline Fernandez kicked out of ‘Roy’ since of ‘Kick’?


Vikram Singh, who is directing a arriving film Roy starring Jacqueline Fernandez, reportedly contemplated replacing her in a film. Singh reportedly flew down to Sri Lanka, where Jacqueline is sharpened for Bombay Velvet and spoke about a predestine of a film, that has been removing behind given of several issues.

A source pronounced a executive wanted to reinstate Jacqueline given of date strife with Kick. “Ranbir has to fire for around 20 days for Roy. He had allotted a dates to Vikram, and they were in sync with Jacqueline’s. But Kick‘s report has left haywire and is now eating into these dates. That combined some volume of panic given it’s not easy removing RK’s dates,” pronounced a source.

Luckily for a actress, Vikram, has motionless to wait compartment Salman’s report with Jacqueline, that is now underway, is finished, before sharpened with her. “But Salman is a capricious star and there’s a probability that Roy will have to wait compartment Jun for Jacqueline. That’s slicing it a small too excellent given a film’s recover is scheduled for September,” combined a source.

When approached, all that Vikram pronounced was “Jacqueline will be a partial of a film. I’m carrying a assembly with Kick‘s producer-director Sajid Nadiadwala and I’m certain we will arrange this out amicably.”

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