Irrfan’s going to be a spook in Haider!

Irrfan’s going to be a spook in Haider!


In Haider, we knew that Irrfan Khan would be personification a really vital purpose yet we couldn’t have guessed that a purpose would be that of a ghost! You review it right..Irrfan Khan plays a purpose of a spook in a Indian instrumentation of Shakespearean Hamlet. The spook will be that of Shahid Kapoor’s father in Haider. Irrfan’s impression will be murdered by some people in a film and he comes behind as a spook to assistance his son in avenging his death.

Although a purpose presumably will not final for a really prolonged time, it will be a really essential one. Irrfan Khan is nonetheless to start sharpened for Haider and join a sets by a finish of this month. The sharpened of Haider is holding place wholly in a Kashmir valley.

This will not be a initial time that Irrfan Khan will be personification a purpose of a Shakespearean impression though, as he has already played a lead purpose in Maqbool (film instrumentation of Macbeth). Haider also stars Tabu and Shraddha Kapoor in a lead roles.

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