Irrfan Khan and Tapsee to span adult for Sunderkand!

Irrfan Khan and Tapsee to span adult for Sunderkand!


Tapsee Pannu is one lady who seems to be bagging one good film after a other in btown newly and these aren’t even normal films though unequivocally large and special ones any actor would adore to be a partial of. First, it was Baby conflicting Akshay Kumar that she got herself a purpose in and afterwards now it is Sunderkand, Priya Mishra’s entrance film!

Maybe Baby is your unchanging bollywood film though Sunderkand is a really opposite and heated film that is formed on a genuine life intrigue in UP that we don’t get a possibility to act in all that easily. Added to that, Tapsee Pannu plays a patrolman in Sunderkand and a purpose of a patrolman is something that each bollywood singer seems to wish to do these days…!

Ask Tapsee about how she got a possibility to act in Sunderkand and this is what she says, “After Baby, it was critical that we select a right film. When Sunderkand came to me, we knew we could not let go of such a pleasing story. we play a cop, that is something we haven’t attempted in a past.” Good for you, Tapsee dearie!

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