I’m looking brazen to operative with you, Sushmita Sen to Aishwarya Rai

I’m looking brazen to operative with you, Sushmita Sen to Aishwarya Rai


We had reported progressing that Aishwarya Rai and Sushmita Sen, a ultimate beauty queens of Bollywood, will be entrance together in debutant executive Prahlad Kakar’s ‘Happy Anniversary’.

Well, Sushmita now confirms a news. In an talk with a renouned tabloid, Ms Sen got articulate about a most awaited reunion and purported adversary with Aishwarya Rai.

“Aishwarya, we am looking brazen to operative with you! The law is that Prahlad, Ash and we go behind a prolonged way… to a (1994) beauty manifestation days. I’ve never famous her good adequate to call her a friend. But we consider she is a good tellurian being. In those days, a lives ran parallel. Later, we chose opposite paths. But there was no rivalry. we live my life amatory people.”

Sushmita also spoke about her kids, Renee and Alisa. While her bland goes in holding caring of Alisah, a weekends are only dedicated to Renee as she is during a boarding school.

For Sush, her children are everything. That is one of a categorical reason since she took a loon mangle from films. “Alisa was only one and a half months when we adopted her and even too immature for even me since we had Renee come into my life when she was 6 months. What done my preference (of holding a mangle from films) some-more transparent was that Alisa has early stages of asthma and needs nebullizer for anything that triggers of her allergy. Though alloy says it’s proxy condition though it’s really critical and she was on serious medication. So it’s not even an choice for me. we only wanted to make certain that her heart and lungs are both stronger before we get out there and make a film. They are now. She is my daughter and she is a tough cookie.”

Sushmita, You are a Real Beauty, both inside and out!

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