Ileana sets a ‘Grazia’ cover on fire!

Ileana sets a ‘Grazia’ cover on fire!


The pleasing Ileana D’cruz who seems to be removing usually some-more pleasing bland has done it to a cover of a ‘Grazia’. Dressed adult in a dark yellow Louis Vuitton silk dress, she looks pretentious like never before. Ileana is also seen sporting a unequivocally grand black Louis Vuitton clutch.

Although a singer has given a really prolonged time been a really large star down south, it was usually with Barfi that she began to tempt bollywood audiences as well. From Barfi to Main Tera Hero (her latest crack with Varun Dhawan), Ileana has remade from an trusting beauty to something of a Greek goddess.

The repository also seems to have an essay on Freida Pinto that was labelled, ‘the new beauty muse’ along with some articles on conform accessories and all of that. This emanate of Grazia is a contingency read, if we wish to know all about Ileana’s past and her tour in films of all languages and most more!

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