How did Shiney Ahuja’s life change in dual hours?

How did Shiney Ahuja’s life change in dual hours?


Rape-accused actor Shiney Ahuja, who has been sitting during home though pursuit given his arrest, has finally landed a purpose in Anees Bazmee’s Welcome Back.

In a new interview, Shiney voiced his complacency on finally anticipating a pursuit in a film industry.

“Welcome Back happened only like that. Shahid from Anees bhai’s (director Anees Bazmee) bureau came over to tell me that he wanted me to do his film and suggested that we accommodate him. We gathering down to Firoz’s (producer Firoz Nadiadwala) residence where we met both him and Anees. A few years ago, my life had altered in only dual hours. It altered again, in dual hours. Anees and Firoz have brought complacency behind into my life.”

Talking about how his co-stars reacted on saying him on a sets of Welcome Back, Shiney said, “Anil Kapoor and we were on a same flight. He hugged me and said, “Welcome back, listen, we gotta stone now. You need to start concentrating on your behaving again.” In Dubai, John Abraham and Nana Patekar have been friendly, and Naseeruddin Shah hugged me so firmly that it pronounced it all. Anees too is really encouraging. Everyone can’t be demonstrative, though they are all perplexing to make me feel during home.”

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