Great to hit off a Test nation

Great to hit off a Test nation


Haseeb Amjad and Nadeem Ahmed applaud after a winning hit, Bangladesh v Hong Kong, World T20, Group A, Chittagong, Mar 20, 2014

Jamie Atkinson, Hong Kong’s captain, pronounced that his side’s feat over hosts Bangladesh in front of a packaged residence during a World T20 was a poignant impulse for Associate cricket as good as a dream come loyal for his possess team.

Hong Kong had mislaid both their prior games and, going into a match, Atkinson pronounced it would be one of a biggest upsets during a tellurian contest if they were to win. The vigour of personification in front of large crowds and a worldwide TV assembly had indifferent their performances opposite Nepal and Afghanistan but, in a biggest diversion of their careers, they reason their haughtiness for a two-wicket win that was distinguished on a Hong Kong dais to roughly sum overpower in a stadium.

While Hong Kong remained bottom of a organisation notwithstanding feat and Bangladesh reason on to tip mark and a berth in a Super 10 stage, most else had changed. The final side to validate for a tournament, apparently a weakest after dual bad displays, had scalped a Test-playing republic and assimilated a likes of Kenya, Ireland, Netherlands and Bangladesh themselves in a difficulty of giant-killers.

“We’re only positively over a moon, to kick Bangladesh in their home belligerent in front of a unequivocally large throng is only fantastic, it’s a arrange of things a Associate teams dream of and I’m only unequivocally unapproachable of how all of a players achieved currently and got us by in a end,” Atkinson said.

Hong Kong could have separated Bangladesh during a responsibility of Nepal by winning inside 13.1 overs though Atkinson pronounced they “didn’t have any thought” about perplexing to do so. “We only wanted to combine on a possess game, we wanted to collect adult a win for Hong Kong given we always knew it was going to be tough opposite a clever Bangladeshi side, utterly personification during home as well, so we wanted to combine on removing a runs.

“I consider it’s another poignant feat for Associate cricket, it shows that a opening is commencement to tighten and it shows how distant Associate cricket has come as well. It’s a large win and it’s always good when some of a lower-ranked sides can hit off a Test nation.”

While Bangladesh were guilty of forward batting, a sound that greeted their early run-scoring came in crashing waves. Tanwir Afzal had taken dual wickets in a opening over before Anamul Haque and Shakib Al Hasan seemed to have righted a innings during a 48-run mount though a full-scale implosion was to come, Bangladesh discharged for 108 with 21 deliveries unused. Given how Hong Kong had wobbled previously, utterly in a field, their response to a conditions of most larger power was impressive.

“We told them via a diversion that there was expected to be utterly a bit of sound when Bangladesh were scoring bounds and only to combine on a possess diversion and suffer a atmosphere given there’s not many times that we’ll have a event to play in front of such a large crowd,” Atkinson said.

“They were unequivocally aggressive and a bowlers responded unequivocally well. It would have been easy to blur underneath a vigour of a Bangladeshi batsmen though a bowlers achieved unequivocally well, managed to collect adult a few dots balls here and there and that’s what put vigour on a batsmen. They went for utterly a few large shots and that brought about their downfall. It was illusory how we clawed it back.”

In a circumstances, a candid impetus to feat was never expected to materialize and Atkinson certified a common superstitions had taken reason on a Hong Kong dais as they edged closer to victory.

“We really done it formidable for ourselves, we got off to a decent start being 30-odd for one and afterwards mislaid a integrate of wickets so during 50 for 5 it was looking a bit some-more in a balance. But a reduce sequence got us through, Munir Dar played a illusory palm and afterwards a dual bowlers Nadeem and Haseeb played unequivocally realistically during a finish and got us through. It was unequivocally shaken for us in a dugout, people staying in a same seats, that arrange of thing.”

Munir was Hong Kong’s heading wicket-taker during a World T20 Qualifier final year though he has given been criminialized from bowling due to his action. He was defended in a patrol given of his ability with a bat and could still offer recommendation to associate left-arm spinner Nadeem Ahmed, who credited one of his 4 wickets to his 40-year-old team-mate.

“He gave me recommendation on a final wicket we got,” Nadeem said. “I was carrying a mid-on adult and he pronounced keep mid-on behind and move midwicket adult and that’s where we got another wicket… That wicket is for him.”

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