Did Afridi ask for an reason from a Total Siyapaa team?

Did Afridi ask for an reason from a Total Siyapaa team?


Total Siyapaa Ali Zafar and Yami Gautam’s arriving regretful comedy has a line in a trailer in that Ali Zafar who plays a Pakistani child staid in London tries to woo Yami Gautam, an Indian lady staid in London and uses a line that says something like ‘We Pakistanis are fed adult of Afridi’.

And this, it has been reported has not been taken really good by a cricketer who happened to watch a trailer. Ali Zafar came out with reports that pronounced that all that was usually only a gossip and that Afridi has not reacted to it during all. He claims that a discourse was not descent during all and that we would comprehend that when we watch a movie.

“Afridi did not direct any reason per a dialogue. He is a good diver and good sportsmen have diver spirit,” posted Ali Zafar on his chatter account. In further to that, he asked everybody not to decider Total Siyapaa until they watch a film by posting, “Request we all to see a full film with a finish dialogues and chaff between a child lady in a film, before creation any judgement.” As for us, we consider that all this could be some arrange of a broadside stunt….

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