Deepika did dub for her purpose in Kochadaiiyaan

Deepika did dub for her purpose in Kochadaiiyaan


Although there were rumors usually yesterday as to how Deepika won’t be dubbing for her film with Rajnikanth, Kochadaiiyaan, she has rubbished those rumors observant that she indeed is going to be dubbing for Kochadaiiyaan. She also combined that she was specifically lerned for a dubbing of a film to get a propoer tamil accent.

So Deepika notwithstanding being so bustling has taken time out for a luminary to dub for Kochadaiiyaan. She had to dub for a movie, else what is it that she was paid so most for?.., as a film is anyway going to have an charcterised chronicle of her anyway and she didn’t have to act.

But then, we are conference about how she still is not going to be dubbing for a Hindi chronicle of Kochadaiiyaan and instead a dubbing artist by a name Mona Ghosh will be dubbing for her. Also, there have been rumors about how Mona Ghosh also dubbed for her in a past for a film Chennai Express, that after were discharged by a executive Rohit Shetty.

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