Dedh Ishqiya: Madhuri Dixit’s Comeback Look

Dedh Ishqiya: Madhuri Dixit’s Comeback Look


Madhuri Dixit-Nene is behind to a china shade after a prolonged interregnum of 6 years with a film Dedh Ishqiya. The makers of a film have expelled a promo that gives us a hide look of her impression Begum Para and Madhuri’s beauty and intrepidity compare a opinion that she extrudes. Vidya Balan was a raw, desi lady in a initial film while Madhuri is a suave, Machiavellian lady in a sequel. Her extreme and flirtatious impression of Begum Para is extended by her exquisite discourse delivery.

Check out a discourse promo from a film folks!

Dedh Ishqiya Dialogue Promo

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