Dedh Ishqiya audio review: Vishal weaves sorcery again!

Dedh Ishqiya audio review: Vishal weaves sorcery again!


One of a biggest resources of Ishqiya was music, with Vishal and Gulzar component enchanting tunes that were only perfect. The same multiple of Vishal Bharadwaj’s hypnotizing tunes and Gulzar’s poetic lyrics make a Dedh Ishqiya’s audio that got expelled recently unequivocally magical, only a we’re awaiting a film to be.

The Dedh Ishqiya audio is stoical of 6 songs on a whole all of that seem unequivocally special.

Dil Ka Mijaaz Ishqiya, a strain that was expelled a prolonged time ago is a many poetic of them all. A standard Rahat fateh Ali Khan’s song, it is unequivocally balmy and balmy to listen to and will remind us of Dil Toh Bachcha Hai from Ishqiya. The lyrics penned by Gulzar move in a unequivocally good attract to it.

Hamari Atariya Pe sung beautifully by Rekha Bharadwaj is nonetheless another beautifully woven folk strain from a manuscript that has already turn immensely renouned interjection to Rekha’s voice and Madhuri’s exquisite dancing skills.

‘Zabaan jale hain’ is by distant a best work that Gulzar has finished in a Dedh Ishqiya audio, with engaging lyrics done adult of a folk terminology of a northern tools of a country. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s pointed and good use of a guitar creates it sound unequivocally good.

The poetic exemplary series Jagaave Saari Raat that was once again sung by Rekha Bharadwaj is abounding in each singular way, a lyrics, a unequivocally formidable and perplexing strain and all of that. A strain that is certain to remembered for a prolonged time.

The Khawwali strain Kya Hoga that was sung by Master Saleem, Shahid Maliya and Jazim Sharma is not like a rest of a bollywood nubers and that creates a strain unequivocally special, combined to that a unequivocally off kick lyrics like ‘Lau ko chhoo ke laut aaya jo’ by Gulzar.

Horn OK please, a new fun lane that got combined to a manuscript recently was sung by Yo Yo Honey Singh and Sukhwinder Singh is as good as all of a Yo Yo’s prior tracks, solely that this time, it was Vishal Bharadwaj who stoical instead of Yo Yo.

All in all, a songs are only extraordinary with a unequivocally good mix of exemplary and complicated bollywood strain and a pleasing lyrics by Gulzar.

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