Boman Irani issues a matter per a QNet controversy

Boman Irani issues a matter per a QNet controversy


The new debate surrounding QNet, a multi-level offered company, had hoodwinked people of some-more than Rs 425 crore by offered them equipment with “miraculous properties. Unfortunately, Bollywood actor Boman Irani’s son’s name has also come up, as one of a members who is concerned in a Rs 425-crore scam.

Reacting to this, Boman Irani has released a matter per a same.

“I was sensitive yesterday that there was an information sent to a members of a media that a certain lady has lodged a censure opposite my son Danesh Irani and I, for impasse with a association – Qnet. This is a multilevel offered association that is during a impulse is underneath inspection by a Economic Offenses Wing (EOW).

My impasse with a association is merely formed on a fact that we have attended a duty of Qnet and had been photographed there.My son had worked as an representative like thousands of others when he had upheld out if college, during a duration of 2007-2008. After that he left for a USA for his MBA.

His gain and residuals for his tough warranted efforts as a multilevel offered representative are all taxed and above board.

Even yet a particular has done this complaint, no management including a EOW has intimated us for any inquiry.

Rest assured, me and my family are law abiding adults of this country.”

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