Bangladesh’s bad patrolman problem

Bangladesh’s bad patrolman problem


Nasir Hossain forsaken Ashan Priyanjan early in his innings, Bangladesh v Sri Lanka, 2nd ODI, Mirpur, Feb 20, 2014

A day before Bangladesh’s initial Super 10 compare opposite West Indies, a organisation management’s problem in delivering home truths to struggling players came into pointy focus. The BCB hold a assembly late on Saturday dusk perplexing to make clarity of Bangladesh’s loss to Hong Kong over a weekend. ESPNcricinfo has schooled that a organisation government has sensitive BCB officials that they have found it formidable to put opposite a clever summary to out-of-form players. At a finish of a meeting, however, there was no gauge from a BCB, that on prior occasions has been famous to step in and indoctrinate a organisation management.

Throughout Bangladesh’s drop in formula over a final 3 months, there was always a clarity that not many in a organisation government were prepared to speak tough to a players. Since a drawn second Test opposite Sri Lanka, Bangladesh mislaid dual T20s and 7 ODIs in a quarrel and usually returned to winning ways in a warm-ups before a initial turn matches of a World T20. They dejected Afghanistan and Nepal thereafter, though as a detriment opposite Hong Kong showed, they still haven’t got out of a woods.

That a organisation government finally certified to such a problem is a warn deliberation a certainty they had shown in out-of-form players such as Mahmudullah, Nasir Hossain and Abdur Razzak. Nasir’s top measure in all 3 formats this year is 42, and he averages 23. Mahmudullah averages 11, with a top measure of 30, and has taken 11 wickets. Razzak has taken 5 wickets in 7 matches during 50.60, and has missed 7 matches this year due to a hamstring injury.

Bangladesh’s reason for adhering with these players, and a organisation management’s hostility to come down tough on them, isn’t too tough to fathom. All 3 of them have been profitable players for Bangladesh compartment a new past. Nasir had shown extensive hold in run-chases, quite compartment a New Zealand array final year, Razzak is Bangladesh’s top wicket-taker in ODIs, and Mahmudullah has scored some-more ODI runs at No. 7 than anyone bar Shahid Afridi given his entrance in 2007. All three, however, have endured worryingly prolonged bad patches.

Mushfiqur Rahim, Bangladesh’s captain, done light of a government dilemma, observant it wouldn’t take too most for a actor to lapse to form. “A essential 10 or 20, even a catch, can change your mentality,” he said. “We are operative towards this. We don’t demeanour during a players’ past to select a best eleven. We demeanour during what’s duty during a impulse and who a opponents are, what a conditions are.”

A win or two, he added, would make all a difference. “Any actor can be out of form. We have some players who can't play good during a same time. This is a categorical concern, zero more. If formula are opposite in a subsequent one or dual matches, things will be different.”

The certainty within a organisation is during a low lessen with Shakib Al Hasan once again revelation fans that there should not be any expectations from a Bangladesh team.
“I had pronounced it earlier; it is improved not to have most expectations from us,” Shakib said. “You should suffer a cricket and support us. If we play badly, there should be constructive criticism.
“Our idea was to strech a Super 10s, now how we do it is reduction critical than indeed subordinate for this stage. The points from a initial turn won’t be counted, so there’s no indicate articulate about what happened in a past.”
For short-term relief, Bangladesh have to put together a opening opposite a West Indies, and opposite a rest of a group. A initial step could be to scold a sourroundings within a dressing-room, which, it seems, during a moment, a distant too gentle place to be.

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