Anmole Gupte will spin a composer-singer with ‘Hawaa Hawaai’!

Anmole Gupte will spin a composer-singer with ‘Hawaa Hawaai’!


Bollywood gifted filmmaker-actor Amole Gupte of ‘Stanley Ka Dabba’ celebrity has now incited composer-singer for his arriving film ‘Hawaa Hawaai’.

After tasting constant success in a domain of essay scripts and creation film, Amole has combined another plume to his cap. He has now incited strain composer for his subsequent film, ‘Hawaa Hawaai’. Amole wants to strech out to children with his song, that will be formed on Indian exemplary ragas.

“I wanted to sing to a children of a nation. So, we wrote and stoical Chule Ke Angaare. Its an inspirational anthem for them and is an early morning rendition. It has a essence of Indian exemplary music,” Amole said. Besides component a track, a executive has also lent his voice to it.

“I was unequivocally connected to a song, we didn’t have any problem in singing it. we indispensable a voice that could promulgate a difference and we felt like singing it myself,” Amole said. The rest of a songs for a film have been stoical by Hitesh Sonik of ‘Stanley Ka Dabba’ fame.

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