Alia Bhatt had a really heavy childhood since of her father

Alia Bhatt had a really heavy childhood since of her father


She is always giggling and looks really calm in life. But did we know, a easygoing Alia Bhatt is not a really happy lady in genuine life. She has had a uneasy childhood, and a reason for it is her dad, Mahesh Bhatt, who married twice.

In a new interview, Alia non-stop adult about her childhood and a dim side of it, and how her dad’s double matrimony influenced her and her family as a whole. Her classmates apparently done fun of a small lady since her father had dual wives.

“People used to make fun of me in propagandize since my father had dual wives. But for some reason, we wasn’t broke as he used to stay with me. Perhaps, if he had not been vital with me, it would have influenced me in a opposite way,” pronounced Alia.

So away were a Bhatt family that notwithstanding staying in a same house, nothing of a members used to speak to any other.
“We are not a normal family. After a really prolonged time we have gotten tighten as a family. We never used to lay and eat together. In fact, we never used to speak to any other. But we have altered things now and done a organisation that has me, my sister, my mom and my father. Now, we adore this group,”she said.

Well, we are blissful Alia has managed to move her family close. We usually wish a singer loads of adore and happiness.

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