Ali Abbas Zafar didn’t wish Gunday to be too retro

Ali Abbas Zafar didn’t wish Gunday to be too retro


The tract for Gunday might’ve been set in a 70′s though we have to acknowledge that a outlaw looks of Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh and Priyanka Chopra’s outfits, generally in a object strain that was expelled recently are not wholly retro. On digging in, we find out that this was a unwavering preference and that they did not go overboard with a costumes by being intensely retro as a executive Ali Abbas Zafri did not wish to.

Ali Abbas Zafri speaks on that really thing saying, “The story of GUNDAY runs from 1971 to 1988. If we wanted, we could have only strong on and oral about a duration environment given we lonesome roughly dual decades. However, a whole thought was to only reconstruct that imagery in a truest form though going overboard. Aisa nahi hai that everybody would be wearing bell bottoms and shirts with large collars.
So if Priyanka is wearing a saree, she is also being additional glam as a musical dancer. So yes, we have stylized it all as good though afterwards also refrained from going over a top. We could never remove out of a story that we wanted to tell”, clearly saying that they conjunction spent most time on a settings nor on their costumes to make a whole thing demeanour retro.

The audiences don’t caring either, to be honest, as prolonged as a storyline is interesting enough…don’t we think??

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