A supplement of Anil Kapoor’s Nayak on a cards

A supplement of Anil Kapoor’s Nayak on a cards


Remember Nayak, a film where Anil Kapoor plays a media chairman who becomes a arch apportion for a day and saves his state from an immorality arch minister? One can’t forget that film as easily, it was really one of a many effective cinema in a whole of Anil Kapoor’s career. Now, Anil Kapoor’s motionless that there’s going to be a supplement of Nayak really soon..!!

Apparently, Anil Kapoor suspicion he’d like to furnish a supplement for Nayak given a really prolonged time now, though did not have adequate income for that. Now that his 24 has been critically acclaimed and he’s warranted millions from that, he motionless that he would like to put those millions to good use and furnish a supplement of Nayak to move about some good change in a society. Also, he will be personification a lead purpose in it.

The supplement is not going to have a same story like that of a strange though will have a lot of genuine life experiences, from what Anil Kapoor recently said. It will however, revolve around politics like that of a strange once again. The rest of a expel of this is nonetheless to be motionless and a sharpened of a film will start off usually late in 2014 or in a commencement of 2015.

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