2 States Interview: There can be usually one Kareena Kapoor, says Alia...

2 States Interview: There can be usually one Kareena Kapoor, says Alia Bhatt


Dressed in overwhelming blue dress, Alia was looking resplendent, as she spoke with a media about her film 2 States conflicting Arjun Kapoor. The Bhatt was straightforward in her answers as she talks about being Ananya, father Mahesh Bhatt and many more….

How did 2 States happen?

While sharpened for SOTY, we was approached for it. we had already review a book by that time and was fervent that someone should a make film on it. we never ever suspicion that we would get a possibility to play Ananya. we knew that Arjun was already on board, so we did a demeanour exam to check if we both demeanour good together. After that we didn’t hear about it for 4-5 months, though eventually we got a part!

Tell us about your impression Ananya? How we got into her character?

She is lively and witty, intelligent lady who squeeze anyone’s courtesy instantly. we never gave too many suspicion about personification Ananya since if we try to do something underneath pressure, that creates it some-more difficult. Since we have review a book 3 times and know a impression in and out, it didn’t need many bid and we elite going with my executive Abhishek’s prophesy who is really supportive about a book, this has helped me in portraying Ananya perfectly.

Any skeleton to work with father Mahesh Bhatt?

I have attempted convincing him though he calls himself ‘extinct volcano’. He is asleep so we can’t even arise him up. Thing will occur when they are ostensible to happened.

What was his greeting to your kissing scene?

When he review a essay about it in one of a daily’s he simply pronounced that he favourite it. Then he started joking, ‘yeh kya kar ke aayi hai? Mera mooh kala kar diya’ (laughs) He knows that we am an singer and it was a purpose requirement.

Do we consider as a film builder he was many forward of his time?

Off course! For that matter even Pooja and her physique language. It’s substantially in a Bhatt’s genes that are always meditative forward of time. My father is 65 years though still a many tech savvy chairman in a house. That seductiveness can come usually when we have doubts. ‘Doubt is a pivotal to knowledge’, so he keeps revelation me that we don’t be so certain of yourself as that will be a day when we will stop flourishing as a person.

In a film, we are traffic with a really despotic father. Any parallels to pull from your life on that front?

Every father is possessive about his daughter. My father has clearly told us that nothing of we girls are removing married and going away. He is blunt and honest and honestly doesn’t wish us to get married.

Tell us about your knowledge operative with Revathi?

I grown a special bond with her while filming for 2 States. Just being with her on a sets has softened me as an actress. we indeed felt that she was my mother.

You’ve kissed Siddharth in SOTY and Arjun in 2 States. Who is a improved kisser?

It’s usually a automatic thing! You can’t decider a grimace when we are sharpened a movie. It’s usually work and my family knows it.

What are a qualities we demeanour for in your partner?

He should have a good clarity of humor, he should be ok with me being an actor, should be honest, loyal. we am a elementary regretful lady during heart, who wants a elementary child who can keep me happy.

What we have to contend about your comparison with Kareena Kapoor?

I usually did dual cinema and people are comparing me with Kareena, that is really flattering. But we consider we have a prolonged approach to go before we compare stairs with her. There can be usually one Kareena Kapoor and we am her biggest fan in India and wish to sojourn like that. Nobody can be like her so because should we even try to be like her? She is a biggest impulse for me.

With a success of ‘Highway’ has people’s notice altered towards you?

On a personal level, we learnt a lot while a tangible filming of ‘Highway’. we wanted people to consider of me as an actor. Earlier they used to contend we am nonetheless another star. we wish to turn an actor and not usually a star. ‘Highway’ altered all that!

What personal change we find in yourself after apropos an actress?

I have been a really supportive all my life. we used to equivocate participating in any foe for a fear of failure. But after we assimilated a industry, we have turn some-more thick-skinned. Now we can take critique in my stride.

-By Gayatri Kolwankar

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